Information | Pricing and Booking

  • On Carplantis it is only possible to reserve a whole week and fish from Friday to Friday.
  • Fishing and reserving is only per pair of anglers.
  • Price per pair per week is € 850,-
  • Price for non anglers per week (max 1 per angler) € 100,-
  • You cannot book swims, but a place for a certain week.
  • Every Friday there will be a draw around 13:00 o clock for swims between pairs present.
  • Price to rent the whole lake for a week (up to 8 anglers) is € 3400,-)
  • Winterbookings (December - March) are available for just €400 a swim.

Via a form you can submit a request for booking a swim in a certain period. Do you want to come and fish? Then complete the form as completely as possible. We will contact you in the short term whether the wishes you have entered are possible. If the desired period is full, we will (if possible) offer you some alternatives.

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