Informatie | Rules

  1. No fish are to be taken off site or out of your swim under ANY circumstances.
  2. Drug and Alcohol abuse will not be tolerated, those found intoxicated will be asked to leave.
  3. We wish to record the growth of every carp so please photo both sides of every fish and record the capture on the catch report forms provided.
  4. There should be no reason to cut back any vegetation, if something is in your way call us and we will cut it away for you.
  5. Car Parks have been created close to each swim to hide your cars from view thus creating the most ‘natural’ landscape possible. Please keep your cars in the car parks once your gear has been dropped off at your swim.
  6. Anglers must leave by 10am on Friday morning and new customers must not arrive before 12.00, gates will be locked. The draw will be at 13.00 after everyone has a chance to look around. The draw will be hosted by the bailiff.
  7. No Tiger nuts or Peanuts allowed, other particles if prepared right are ok to use.
  8. Dogs are only allowed when discussed prior to booking.
  9. To stop disease Unhooking Matts, Landing Nets, Weight Slings, Water Buckets and Carp Care Kits are provided, do not bring your own!
  10. Make sure all fins are flat against body before lifting fish and always carry fish back to the water in a weigh sling. If a fish is damaged use the carp care kits on the body and mouth as shown.
  11. No carp sacks are allowed on site, if you are found with one you may be asked to leave! So do not bring any.
  12. Micro barbed hooks only, no smaller then size 6, this is to reduce mouth damage and allows a snagged fish to escape. Barbless hooks not allowed, they cut like a knife when playing fish.
  13. No Long Curved Shank hooks, Fox series 5, Long Shank Nailer etc, they cause too much mouth damage in the wrong hands.
  14. No 360 rigs allowed, they cause to much damage.
  15. Use any lead system you like providing the fish can free itself from the lead if the line breaks.
  16. Braided reel line is NOT allowed nor are shock leaders of any material, braided, Flouro or Mono
  17. Leadcore/unleaded/freefall leaders max. 60cm.
  18. To maintain swim boundaries a map has been created, please keep within your boundaries. Also Permanent markers are placed to show your boundaries, do not move them or you may be asked to leave.
  19. Remote controlled boats are allowed until the moment they cause problems.
  20. The use of boats is allowed. The use of a boat is at your own risk. Make sure it is a safe boat to use, the lake has depths up to 45ft so life vest must be worn when in the boat at all times.
  21. We want everyone to have a great holiday so please keep music to a very low level and be aware your voices travel in this quiet part of the countryside. Complaints will be dealt with swiftly!