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Carplantis has four double swims which are all accessible by car. The swims are between 60m2 and 110m2. Each swim is made up of a thin layer of gravel (2 inches) and underneath is yellow sand. Ideal for tent pegs and bank sticks. Also, all the swims are equipped with a drainage system which ensures that the area remains dry even in the most severe rain. Boots and welly’s can stay at home for that matter. Extra long bivie pegs are recommended.

The fishable stretch of water associated with each swim is marked with permanent markers, which are plotted using GPS to enable the water to be divided equally over the four swims as honestly as possible.

Fishing at close range in front of your swim can be rewarding

Swim 1 | Plato

Information | Swims | Swim 1

Swim 2 | Zeus

Information | Swims | Swim 2

Swim 3 | Neptune

Information | Swims | Swim 3

Swim 4 | Poseidon

Information | Swims | Swim 4